Clive Doucet
Green Party Candidate forCape Breton—Canso

Count on Clive to get Cape Breton--Canso working again!


Phone: 902-901-5901

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Count on Clive

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Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

Count on Clive

Clive est avec Vous

Enough is Enough

The next four years are going to be all about the environment. The Green Party was formed to fight Climate Change and has Parliament’s most effective and experienced leader; but she needs support and a strong Green caucus.   


Let’s send Clive to Ottawa—He will defend our Island’s fishery; he will get new funding for our sewer and water systems. We can’t wait any longer—Now is the time to vote Green!

When we elect Clive Doucet as our Member of Parliament, he will be free to work with all parties to:

  • build a sustainable economy, 

  • create good, stable local jobs, 

  • help people on fixed income and in need of affordable housing,

  • repair failing infrastructure like sewer and water systems, 

  • and rescue democracy from politics. 

Clive Doucet is gathering votes from people of all political stripes, and with momentum it's looking very good for a Green win here in Cape Breton--Canso.


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Clive Doucet, Green Party Atlantic Fisheries critic


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